Numen Records

About Numen Records

Moz 2London based Numen Records was founded by Mozez ( Osmond Wright), the music virtuoso and  former front man from Zero 7.  Mozez conceived Numen Records through a passion to bring an independent pioneering label releasing sounds from musicians from all genres of music that have talent and wish to leave a mark on this planet. The label also uses innovative methods in releasing music while being user friendly with the music consumer.

Numen Records has no boundaries.

Mozez, head of Numen Records, has dedicated his life to music and heading Numen Records is another chapter in his musical career. Mozez is passionate about music and through Numen Records he can fulfill his dream by introducing new music to the world and be in control of his own career.

“I have formed Numen Records because over the years I have heard countless stories and experienced personally the difficulties for innovative and talented artists to become a part of a musical family. At Numen we promise to listen and work with our artists individually and build a solid foundation from which we can advance their musical career. Our label works with each artist in assisting and supporting them in writing, producing, developing, promoting from their earliest stage. Numen Records is a family and we want our artists to grow with us”. 

Mozez January 2012