Numen Records




Numen Records in association with HOS will be hosting a number of events over the coming Weeks, Months, and Years featuring artist from all Genres of Music.

The Big Idea

We decided in 2011 to set up HOS Entertainments to help us and our fellow Artistes improve our lives by producing and performing at our own events. This decision has been very demanding and also very rewarding. We quickly realized that it is not as hard as we thought. Producing our own events as the major music companies would have done, even though we did them on a much smaller scale, this gave us confidence and greater belief in our decision to set up our own company.

HOS Entertainments differs from the mainstream industry because we endeavor to be more inclusive of other Art forms and the Local Community in our Productions and Performances wherever we present an event. This is the main reason HOS Entertainments a Development Company for entertainment products, with the motto: “Develop to Achieve”, differs from the mainstream.

Music and the Arts have always been a large part of the Cultural development of the human family and HOS Entertainments will be continuing the strengthening of this union as we proceed through the 21st Century.

Our view is that the unification of the Arts will benefit the global community significantly.


 Past  Events

Harry’ s Bar – Mozez – 30/6/2012]

The Hoxton Bar and Grill – Mozez – 2/ 8/2012

The Ivy – Mozez and Sophie Barker – 4/9/2012